The Den of Lycantis

31 May 2017

It becomes a moment of clarity when you change your entire fantasy world because no one can pronounc...

18 Sep 2016

Not sure if this is funny or not, but I managed to pass one of my classes by not trying. I wouldn't...

13 Jul 2016

Well then, I lost my marbles and decided to go back to school. Why? I don't know, but so far it's be...

4 Jun 2016

I am so stressed and hormone surges means a few mild attacks. Found out I cannot tolerate bathroom s...

31 May 2016


My biggest peeve as an artist of different types is that being a cripple ma...

6 May 2016

Well, then. So this actually happened - I made a post about soda.

More specifically I was saying th...

4 May 2016

So, welfare recipients are under attack, as usual. This specific one got to me even though it should...

22 Apr 2016

I'm working on a full-size map which I will eventually have printed as wall posters for those who lo...

8 Apr 2016



Though I have been published since April of 2011, I am just getting started with campaigning my wo...

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May 31, 2017

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18 Sep 2016

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